Tunes Tuesday: YouTuber Diss Tracks

Another week, another missed Music Monday! Have no fear because Tunes Tuesday is here.

As a person with a relatively drama-free life, I usually enjoy watching chaos unfold from afar. I also love watching tons of different content on YouTube. Recently, the pseudo feud between RiceGum and iDubbbz has been giving me life. I'm especially enjoying this round of YouTube drama™ because I actually watch both of these creators and boy do they love controversy.

If you're not a big YouTube buff, here are the cliff notes of this beef:

  • RiceGum is a hugely popular, controversial YouTuber who makes comedy and diss track videos. He's known for getting embroiled in drama with other creators, flexing his #YouTubeMoney in his videos, and capitalizing on trending content (e.g. Jake Paul,, "how bow dah")
  • iDubbbz is a hugely popular, controversial YouTuber who makes comedy and reaction videos. He's most recognizable for his stance on how slurs are used and for a series called "Content Cop" where he comedically calls out varying flaming pieces of garbage out of the vast landfill of the internet.
  • iDubbbz released a Content Cop for RiceGum which included a diss track, to which RiceGum responded with three videos (one promise for a response, one rebuttal to many of iDubbbz arguments in the Content Cop video, and one diss track).
  • Now teenage boys on the internet are yelling at each other and picking sides, per usual.

Here are the tunes that are embroiled in this controversy:

iDubbbz's "Asian Jake Paul"

RiceGum's "Frick Da Police"

At the end of the day, I'm usually entertained by both iDubbbz and RiceGum's videos and these are no exception. I think iDubbbz Content Cop was, to use the most apt internet phrase available, savage. His star-studded diss track was well-executed and entertaining. The whole package was hilarious and totally on brand for iDubbbz.

I think RiceGum's responses to iDubbbz are pretty weak, but I also think he enjoys playing off of drama like this so it's easy to see how his responses plays into some of iDubbbz criticism. A lot of the arguments he makes back against iDubbbz also seem kind of hypocritical since his major argument is the "I've changed" defense. As a whole, his response to iDubbbz did very little to diss iDubbbz back and focused on attempting to regain the ground he had lost in the Content Cop video.

Here's my overall opinion on the whole situation: Because RiceGum and iDubbbz are similar in their popularity and their constant involvement in controversy, I think it's hard for iDubbbz to effectively criticize how RiceGum tries to justify his more problematic videos by calling them jokes when that's exactly how iDubbbbz rationalizes his entire online persona. RiceGum also took a lot of what iDubbbz brought up in his Content Cop seriously and actually reflected on how he's changed as a person and a creator since his early days on line, which is surprisingly mature. However, RiceGum has been perpetually on the defense in this situation, making his hyper flex-y, lyrically lackluster "diss" track for iDubbbz pretty disappointing. RiceGum took a few good jabs back at iDubbbz, but nothing that could compare to the beating he received from Content Cop.

What does this all mean in the big picture though? Well, I think one of my favorite YouTubers, JacksFilms, says it best.

JacksFilm's "Drama Is More Popular Than Content"

UPDATE: iDubbbz has released another response: "Content Deputy." When will this end? I hope never; I love drama.