Perfume Favorites

I shop online at Sephora all the time, and one of my favorite things about ordering from Sephora is the ability to add three free samples to every purchase! Because of the vast amount of free samples I've acquired during my time as a beauty addict, I'm never at shortage for perfumes and rarely feel the need to buy any fragrances given the wide variety of samples I always have at my disposal.

However, there have been a couple of rare occasions where I have worn a sample of a perfume and fallen in love so strongly that I follow through and purchase a full sized bottle. There have been three such occasions, in fact! 

These are the perfumes that I loved so much in samples that I actually spent my money on them!

Alien by Mugler

Isn't this bottle just about the coolest thing ever?

Isn't this bottle just about the coolest thing ever?

Because I know nothing about how to properly describe scents, here is how the Sephora website describes Alien by Mugler: A warm floral scent with key notes of jasmine sambac, Chasmeran wood, and amber gris. The description also boasts that the fragrance "exudes a positive energy," which I totally vibe with. This scent is definitely unique and I always get compliments when I wear it.

The packaging for this perfume is nothing short of totally awesome and I love seeing it on my desk (especially because purple is my favorite color). The bottle was designed to mimic an amethyst and evoke imagery of femininity and refinement. It also looks like it could've been teleported here from another planet!

A fun bonus about this fragrance is that if you register it on the Mugler website, they send you a welcome pack with poetry magnets, and a sample of the Alien Radiant Body Lotion!

Stella Eau de Toilette

This bottle looks as delicate and pretty as the perfume smells!

This bottle looks as delicate and pretty as the perfume smells!

I have had this Stella McCartney perfume for so long that it's almost empty! The scent is described as inspired by "the idea of a fresh, dewy rose captured in the morning sun" and I think that image definitely embodies the fragrance. 

This fragrance gives me modern, preppy, feminine vibes without any sticky sweetness. I would wear it all the time in the summer when I was working in high-end retail and would always have customers ask me what perfume I was wearing.

Here's how people who understand perfume lingo explain the scent: "The unique scent opens with top notes of fresh mandarin and frozen lemon, balanced with watery tones of freesia to create a soft, dewy feeling. An infusion of Bulgarian rose essence, crunchy violet leaves, and delicate peony petals brings a freshness to the feminine floral heart, while ambergris base notes reveal a subtle masculine undertone." 

I Am Juicy Couture

This bottle is adorably gaudy.

This bottle is adorably gaudy.

I picked up the I Am Juicy Couture fragrance when I was studying abroad in Spain, and I finished the 1.7oz bottle I bought from Corte Inglés by the end of the semester. When I got back to the states I repurchased it in the rollerball form.

I would describe this scent as fun, sweet, and fruity. Here are the notes according to the product description: Sunny Pomelo, Raspberry Pulp, Passion Fruit, Gardenia, Rose de Mai, Heliotrope, Sweet Pea, Cashmere Wood, Captive Musks, Candied Amber. 

I'll typically reach for this perfume when I'm feeling playful and springy. I also love having a rollerball option so I can throw it in my purse if I'm trying to stay smelling sweet while on the move!

I love trying out perfume samples with my Sephora order! What are your favorite perfumes? Let me know in the comments!