Pencil Sharpeners

I am currently in a state of distress because I have (once again) misplaced my favorite pencil sharpener while moving. I typically prefer pens for most writing related tasks, but pencils (especially colored ones) also have an important role in my stationary collection. The only thing less satisfying than writing with a pencil, is writing with a dull one.

I purchased this battery powered pencil sharpener last spring and it never failed me, until I lost it. When I misplaced my pencil sharpener the first time, I ordered another one because I couldn't live without it by my side. Now, I can't justify ordering another one less than a month later, so I'll be using dull pencils until I come across it again.

I love that it comes in a fun blue color! You can also get it in black or pink.

I love that it comes in a fun blue color! You can also get it in black or pink.

This pencil sharpener is durable, compact, and gets the job done. I never experienced any clogs or jams with this pencil sharpener and it never failed to make the perfect point on all of my pencils with ease! It sharpens pencils quickly and doesn't chew up or fray the wood at all.

Oh, how I miss having this pencil sharpener on my desk, ready to rejuvenate even the dullest of points. Now that I've whined about my dull pencils while singing my beloved sharpener's praises, I guess I should just go properly look for it.

If you're in the market for an awesome, compact, and adorable pencil sharpener, look no further than this beauty!