Music Monday: Pitbull

It's no secret that I love Pitbull's music. I'm always drawn to music that is danceable, uptempo, and fun. After studying abroad in Madrid, I grew a huge appreciation for Spanish and Latinx pop music. Even before that, I did a group project in high school where we had to choose an influential hispanic entertainer and create a presentation about their life, and my group didn't hesitate to choose Mr. Worldwide. Pitbull's music truly is globally significant, with huge success in English and Spanish speaking communities. His entire persona and career is iconic.

I also recently read an alt-right thinkpiece that was infuriated that Pitbull's albums are "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" thus giving his totally fire jams a political tint. Pitbull makes top quality dance bangers AND makes Nazis mad? What more do you want from him!


While traveling with my friend this weekend, she reminded me about this gem of a video in which Jenna Marbles impersonates Pitbull. ¡MUJERES!

But Jenna's Pitbull is right: If you want a track to be en fuego, you have to get Mr. 305 on there! Here is a small sample of some of my favorite tracks from Pitbull's extensive and highly collaborative discography. Since Pitbull has a huge Spanish audience and they play music videos on TVs in lots of Spanish clubs, he also has some epic music videos.

El Taxi

El Taxi was inescapable in Spanish clubs and I jam out to it regularly to this day. How can you not dance to this?


This was my favorite song of this past summer. It's not Pitbull's classic club hit, but it's terrific nevertheless.


Fireball is my mom's favorite Pitbull track. An undeniably quality party track!


Kesha and Pitbull?! Say no more. Still obsessed with this song to this day. I even participated in a lip-sync battle using this song and portraying both Pitbull and Kesha. A classic!

Hey Ma

Another of my favorites from the past summer. A jam and a half!

Back in Time

I forgot about this song until I was looking through music videos just now! It's going onto my current favorites playlist ASAP.