Facebook Pokes

That's right, I said it: I like Facebook pokes! Getting a notification that a friend has poked me back on Facebook always makes me smile. I'm in long-standing poke wars with several of my friends from college, and it's a small way for us to keep in touch simply by acknowledging one another's digital existence every once in a while.


They're an ultra-small gesture that is socially outdated and it just brings me so much joy. It's super uncommon for people to poke each other nowadays, so the continuation of an old school poke war feels a little extra fun, especially now that some of my friends have moved across the country. Sometimes I'll even forget that I'm in a poke war with someone as it can take a while for people to return a lingering poke, so those surprise notis are even more exciting!

It's also crazy to see how many pokes in a row my friends and I can rack up. Some of my poke wars are well over 200. Clearly we all have our priorities in order.

The most important take away from all of this: I'm never standing down from a poke war.