Cats In Laps

Tonight I have been rendered immobile because a lovely cat has fallen asleep in my lap. I write to you now, precariously as I type on my phone just above this sleeping fur ball.

Said beautiful creature, pictured here, is obviously barring me from reaching my computer to complete a more formal post.


This week I am housesitting for my boss who breeds Australian shepherds while she visits her family in North Carolina for Thanksgiving. I've been having so much fun walking the dogs, feeding her rabbits, and in general petting so many kind, warm animals. It's totally worth the occasional poop clean up.

Getting out of my house and up into the boonies where my boss lives has been a nice way to unplug. Earlier today I let my phone die while I was chilling with the pups and taking them for a walk so that I could take a deep breath and detach from the annoyingness of the world for a bit. Plus, there's definitely some science about animals having a positive effect on mental health!

Even though taking care of all these rambunctious creatures keeps my hands full, I love being around them so much. Growing up, I never had a pet, and now I have nine plus some fish! The animals are all so sweet, well-behaved, and soft to snuggle with; they never fail to make me smile even if it's impossible to get any work done as they constantly battle for my lap.

If tomorrow I end up similarly occupied, I might write up some fun bios for each of my lovely animal sidekicks! We'll have to wait and see.