The Marble Olympic Games

Given the absurd amount of time I spend online, I frequently find myself in an area often referred to as the "weird side of YouTube." And there is some great shit over there, let me tell you.

What I've been binge-watching most recently is a channel called Jelle's Marble Runs. Specifically, I've been watching the Jelle's series called The Official Marble Olympic Games 2017. It is the purest series I have ever found on this endless wasteland of the internet.

In each video, teams of marbles compete in a variety of events in hopes of scoring points and winning titles to eventually be crowned the champion of the MarbleLympics. MARBLES!

You honestly just have to watch this. You won't regret it.

Check out the Relay Run event here:

This 5 meter marble race track is divided into 4 sections, each separated by k'nex blocks holding the next marbles. MarbleLympic Record: 11.21 sec The MarbleLympics are the Olympic Games for marbles where 16 teams of 4 marbles each will compete to win medals.

There are teams: Pinkies, Balls of Chaos, Quicksilvers, Jawbreakers, Chocolatiers, Rojo Rollers, Limers, Jungle Jumpers, Kobalts, Shining Swarm, O'rangers, Midnight Wisps, Mellow Yellow, Oceanics, Savage Speeders, Snowballs, Team Galactic, Team Momo, Team Primary, and Thunderbolts.

There are fans, not only in the marble-filled stands at the events but also in the videos' comment sections and on Reddit.

There is even professional-level commentary on each event.

This series is filled with all of the drama of a real world Olympic games featuring everything from photo finishes to record breaking performances to injuries to rogue fans to doping scandals. Every video is simply a joy to watch.

I'm shocked how much I love these videos given that I'm known for my loathing of the consumer culture that surrounds professional athletics. There is just something so wholesome about this concept and its following that warms my ice-cold heart.

If you need to forget about the stress of your daily life or need to remember that there is still some good left in humanity, look no further than the MarbleLympics!

The 11th event of the MarbleLympics (marble olympic games) 2017, this time the Underwater Marble Race! 4 individuals will roll down a track which is partially submerged into a swimming pool. The best 2 marbles of each team will advance. With special thanks to Charles Klijnman for using his swimming pool for this event!

I have truly never cared as much about a team as I do #TeamGalactic. Watch Jelle's Marble Runs, forget about your responsibilities, and cheer on your favorites!