Attention to detail

The only thing that makes me even vaguely interested in Taylor Swift's career right now is the whirlwind of Tumblr conspiracy theories that surround the release of her upcoming album. Fans the world over have been picking apart scenes in her videos, lyrics, social media posts, and leaked track lists to make predictions about the album's singles and themes.

Much like Taylor Swift's most recent artistic exploits, I used to be deeply obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars franchise and all of the elaborate fan theories generated by enthusiastic Tumblr users. The show could be hit or miss, but the fans' attention to detail that generated such intricate theories was always 10/10. I think the PLL writers could barely keep up and certainly never counted on anyone paying that much attention.

I was reminded of how much I appreciate a filmmaker's (or an audience's) attention to detail tonight because my friends and I rewatched acclaimed thriller film Get Out. Before I saw the film for the first time I had read several reviews and think-pieces because I initially never intended on seeing the film considering that I'm a major wuss who gets jump-scared by people just being in rooms I didn't anticipate. So I kind of saw the detailed writing on the wall throughout the film right from the get-go. Rewatching the film with friends tonight reminded me of just how amazing the film really is as we all were able to point out elements of the film that foreshadowed it's horrific twists that we hadn't picked up at first glance.

All of this also reminds me of the documentary Room 237 that covers the intricate details that Kubrick employed in The Shining. Room 237 is chock full of mindbendingly specific theories about the film that hinge on unbelievably minute details. Some of the theories sound like a crock of shit, not aided by the douchey tone of one of the commentators who treats the film like it was a personal letter to him from Kubrick, but even the most out-there theories make you recognize the precision and brilliance of Kubrick's vision for The Shining.

Based on my love of elaborate fan theories maybe my next binge watch should be American Horror Story?