Sleep masks

When it comes to getting solid night of restful sleep, my biggest enemy has always been light. My freshman year of college, before a case of mono made it possible for me to fall asleep anywhere for any amount of time, a lamp post that sat so close to my window that I, a person with terrible aim and minimal athletic acumen, could reliably nail it with a snowball. In an attempt to successfully experience night in my room I taped a blanket to my window.

Eventually, I looked to the free market for a solution to my dilemma and I what I ultimately purchased proved to be priceless.

Meet the Prime Effects Sleep Mask.

I could wear this mask when my roommate had all the lights on in the room and still pass the eff out pronto. The way this mask contours to the face guarantees that not a shred of light will interrupt your sleep, not even the worthless sunrise! This especially came in handy my senior year when my first class wasn't until 1:20pm and I found my sleep schedule getting totally boned by my night-owl tendencies.

The earplugs that come with the mask are an added bonus and they fit snuggly into the strap for easy packing in a carry-on or backpack! This mask is terrific for travel if you're trying to catch some ZZZs on a long flight or bus ride.

The mask even feels soft and warm on your face like your eyes are getting a nice hug. Putting the mask on also helps me stay off of my phone when I'm trying to get to sleep because it adds an extra step to rolling over and opening Twitter "one last time."

If you've been struggling getting to sleep and aren't sure what to try next, I definitely recommend trying this sleep mask out. The Prime Effects Sleep Mask changed my sleep game for the better and has helped me out every single day since I added it to my Amazon cart.