Music Monday: PRETTYMUCH

If you checked out my iTunes Top 20 Music Monday post, then you know I have a soft-spot for generic, fun, upbeat pop music (see: my unabashed love for One Direction). This week on my YouTube homepage I was recommended to check out a music video for a group called PRETTYMUCH and I shortly thereafter fell in love.

PRETTYMUCH is Simon Cowell's latest boy band project and is predicted to fill in the void that One Direction left in the music industry after their breakup. From what I can see, the boys of PRETTYMUCH have the style and the talent to pick up where One Direction left off. These young artists are instantly lovable and I'm sure they'll go on to have great success.

They've been getting a good deal of promotion from MTV as well, from performing at the VMAs to this awesome a capella cover of Childish Gambino's Redbone.

What's more important than their image and management, however, is whether or not their music bops. Based on the two songs they have released (Teacher and Would You Mind?), it definitely does. I love the energy of their music and after a few days of listening to Teacher and Would You Mind? on repeat, they have yet to fail to put a smile on my face. Give these two fun tracks a listen!


Would You Mind?