Music Monday: My iTunes Top 20

For today's Music Monday, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about some of my favorite songs from back before I was sucked into the capitalist nonsense that is streaming services. We'll take a look back at my top 20 most played songs from my iTunes library! Some songs are super niche and while others are so mainstream that even I hate myself a little bit for how much I listened to them. That having been said, I definitely stand by every song on this list as a timeless jam.

1. Lorde-400 Lux

An all-around great track from Lorde. I regret none of the over 300 times I've listened to it.

Favorite lyric: We're never done with killing time. Can I kill it with you?

2. Kesha-Thinking of You

Kesha is my idol and this song is an awesome "screw you, I'm awesome" track for when you're looking for an upbeat, badass anthem.

Favorite lyric: Found out you're full of it. I'm over it, so suck my dick.

3. Nick Jonas-Teacher

This track soared to the top of my most frequently played songs list when I listened to it on repeat non-stop during finals week my sophomore year of college. I love the upbeat vibe of this song and Nick Jonas can do no wrong in my eyes.

Favorite lyric: Anything Nick Jonas says with his voice

4. The Billionaires-The End of Summer Song

This song is an all-time fave. The Billionaires are all from my home island of Martha's Vineyard and this track summarizes a lot of the weird existential crises you experience growing up on the island.

Favorite lyric: Please come back for one more summer. C'mon guys, we can get on with our lives next year.

5. Klouds-The Standard

I used to listen to a lot of Soundcloud rap with a similar vibe to this track but this one was always a favorite. The distorted hook on this song is just so damn cool.

Favorite lyric: Talk to these new girls, seems like none of them compare until they ask to get alone and I fall right in love again.

6. Mike Stud-College Humor

I used to listen to soooo much Mike Stud. His songs were always so fun and had a killer energy to them. I love how smart and funny his lyrics are–this song is no exception.

Favorite lyric: Big heart mo'fucker with a pecker to match.

7. The Cataracs & Martin Solveig-Hey Now (feat. Kyle)

Kyle is to this day one of my all-time favorite artists and this track with Martin Solveig and the Cataracs is an upbeat, feel-good banger. This song is a total mood-lifter.

Favorite lyric: Kyle's whole verse.

8. Lucy Spraggan-Last Night (Beer Fear)

This song has a cool energy and is totally hilarious. 10/10 for young, wild, and free vibes.

Favorite lyric: I don't wanna stop or learn to behave, Amen!

9. Drake-HYFR

Nowadays I won't hesitate to tell you how much I dislike Drake. His recent popular releases have been overhyped, overplayed and sound virtually indistinguishable from one another. HYFR is an absolute jam though.

Favorite lyric: They say love is in the air so I hold my breath 'til my face turn purple.

10. Kesha-Crazy Kids

Another killer Kesha track. My only regret is that Gold Trans Am isn't in the top 20.

Favorite lyric: We don't give a fuck, 'cause that's just who we are.

11. MKTO-Classic

A great, feel-good track from my freshman year of college. A friend of mine played this for me and I was hooked instantly.

Favorite lyric: Living in a world gone plastic, baby, you're so classic.

12. One Direction-Happily

Before you laugh at my One Direction obsession, I'd like you to know I dressed up as 1D for Halloween my freshman year of college with a group of friends. We learned a choreographed dance. Also, the acoustic version of this track rips my heart out.

Favorite lyric: I don't care what people say when we're together.

13. Passenger-The Wrong Direction

This song is some straight up #relatable #content.

Favorite lyric: I'd love to feel love but I can't stand the rejection. I hide behind by jokes as a form of protection.

14. One Direction-Nobody Compares

Okay, this song is so fun to sing along to and the harmonies are really easy to follow. They're just so precious I can't not love them.

Favorite lyric: Did I do something stupid? Yeah, girl, if I blew it just tell me what I did.

15. Fall Out Boy-Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy

The biggest surprise to me on this list was how little Fall Out Boy there was since I listened to them non-stop back when I was rocking the iPod mini. Still a total jam. Acoustic version is also killer.

Favorite lyric: You were the last good thing about this part of town.

A guilty pleasure for sure. It's just so upbeat and catchy I couldn't help but hit the replay button over a hundred times!

Favorite lyric: I mean...they're pretty generic. Makes it easier to sing along!

17. D.VELOPED-Throw Some D’s On That Blink

I am a sucker for a cool mash-up. This one is fire and I would play it all the time because it's the only one my friends wouldn't openly mock me for listening to.

Favorite lyric: the title

18. The Format-I’m Ready I Am

This song is back from my Jack's Mannequin Pandora playlist days, but I totally stand by it. I still have this song and similar tracks on CDs in my car that I listen to all the time.

Favorite lyric: There's no love like apathy.

19. G-Eazy-Waspy

The sample on this song is so tight, and I love G-Eazy. The waspy girl character in this song is something I see all the time working in high-end retail and at country clubs and G-Eazy's lyrics bring this character to life.

Favorite lyric: What she don't know is how to live a real life. She's a waspy girl, we'll party all night.

20. Sammy Adams-Summertime

This is another track that I associate a lot with my hometown as the way of life in the summer is totally different from the winter. I still have a big soft-spot for songs that capture the melancholiness of partying.

Favorite lyric: Life's just a party and you're missing every nuance.

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