I have unreasonably strong opinions about what writing implements I use on a daily basis. Once in a playwriting class, I used a free-writing exercise to write an entire monologue about the superiority of the pen to the pencil. There is simply nothing that feels more satisfying than a smooth pen. Sure, the ability to erase mistakes may be a benefit to using a pencil over a pen, but I don't make mistakes.

Here are my tried-and-true pen favorites!

Pilot Precise V5, Extra Fine

The Pilot Precise V5 pens are my first pen love and they really aren't lying when they advertise them as ~extra fine~. I initially picked these up because I was drawn to the variety of colors available, but once I started to use them I quickly stocked up on my staple pen colors (black, blue, and purple). These pens are great for note-taking, making study guides, and any other activities that require writing. The more exciting colors (pink, teal, and green) are saturated enough to make them functional for note-taking on their own while also being bright enough to be useful when color-coding or highlighting information. The Pilot Precise V5 pens are an absolute joy to write with and are unparalleled when it comes to writing with precision.

Uni-ball Vision, Fine

I first picked up a couple of the Uni-ball Vision pens when I was studying abroad because my beloved Pilot Precise V5s I had packed started leaking during the flight due to changes in air pressure and temperature. I initially purchased a black pen and a teal pen from an adorable stationary shop in Madrid and it was love at first class. I write in a semi-legible, semi-artistic pseudo-cursive and the inky smoothness of these pens facilitates this ridiculous handwriting phenomenally. Once I returned home I immediately ordered more colors (red, green, pink, and purple) to expand my collection. While they may not be as sharp as the stick rollerballs on the Pilot Precise V5s and do tend to bleed slightly through pages, the Uni-ball Vision pens are unbelievably satisfying to write with.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

The Staedtler Triplus Fineliners are well-loved in online journaling communities. I was initially hesitant to pick these up as the 10-pack of colors doesn't have my favorite color (purple) and I typically prefer ballpoint pens over felt tips. What eventually pushed me to make the purchase was the convenient plastic case the pens come in! While they many not feel as satisfying as my beloved ballpoints, I love using these pens when I'm trying to write neatly on a calendar or in my planner. I also love them for coloring! I always feel overcome with jealousy when I see someone with the 20-pack of colors. Maybe that'll be my next stationary splurge as some of my favorite colors of my Staedtler Triplus Fineliners are starting to dry out.

Do you have any trusty pen favorites that I just have to try? Do you have a legitimate argument to make for pencils? Let me know in the comments!

PS-The first time I wrote this post I unintentionally deleted the whole thing while attempting to publish it and I came very close to a complete and total nervous breakdown. I sincerely hope you enjoy my efforts on this post as much as I enjoy writing with pens.