Quantico Season 1

A friend of mine recommended checking out Quantico on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and it's safe to say I've gotten totally sucked into it. 

This show has everything: conspiracy theories, twins, corruption, romantic subplots, borderline nonsense FBI jargon, khakis, elaborate timelines, forced pop culture references... 


Quantico is a rollercoaster of emotions that follows the exploits of FBI agents on two timelines: through their training and after the protagonist, Alex Parrish (the incomparable Priyanka Chopra) is falsely accused of executing a terrorist plot in New York City. In Alex's fight to clear her name an elaborate terrorist conspiracy unravels leading to the never ending shift of every character from suspect to ally. I'm a few episodes away from finishing Season 1 and I have absolutely no goddamned idea how this is going to be resolved.

Watching this show I've fallen in love with every single character while also not being able to trust any of them. Quantico keeps you on the edge of your seat and ceaselessly yanks you through the overlapping plots so fast it'll make your head spin while asking for more. Every character has a complicated backstory and role in the crazy terrorist conspiracy. Not to mention, the cliffhanger nature of cable television makes Quantico great binge-watching fodder.

Once I reach the answers that await me at the end of this season, I'll be trying to find out how I can apply to join the FBI; Quantico here I come!