Tunes Tuesday: Mi Gente ft. Beyonce

My sleep schedule has been so boned lately that I didn't even realize that yesterday was Monday. In an attempt to rectify my missed Music Monday, I now present to you Tunes Tuesday!

This week I'm jamming non-stop to Beyoncé's Mi Gente remix. The original Mi Gente by J Balvin and Willy William is a total party on it's own, but with Queen Bey jumping on the track this song is reaching a whole new audience. All proceeds from this track go to benefit charities that are aiding in hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands.

Moombahton is one of my favorite genres of EDM and Mi Gente is a great example of how the genre brings together beats, rhythms, and melodies from African and Caribbean cultures as well as modern trends in electronic music. The track is also intricately multilingual as the Beyoncé remix adds English lyrics to the track that already features both Latin American Spanish from J Balvin and French from Willy William. Here's to awesome multicultural and multilingual music!

I guess this remix will hold me over until Dillon Francis finally releases his own Mi Gente remix!