"Rex Tillerson"

Rex Tillerson was a name that was inescapable on the Twitterverse this morning as he was accused of calling the one and only Donald J. Trump a moron.

I was surprised at the controversy and drama surrounding the situation as I could not fathom why anyone cared about the words of Rex Tillerson, who I assumed was some kind of B-list rap artist.

"Of course Rex Tillerson, whoever that is, would say Trump is a moron," I thought as I scrolled through my feed. "But why does anyone give a shit?"

You can imagine my surprise when I learned Rex Tillerson is currently our nation's Secretary of State.



Given the current state of American democracy, I am not infrequently totally overwhelmed by the amount of things that cause me vast amounts of grief on a daily basis. That's actually a big reason why I started this blog--to remind myself of the little things that make life a cool place to be.

But sometimes political rhetoric is inescapable.

When that seems to be the case I tend to turn to comedy as a coping mechanism, and I know picturing Rex Tillerson dropping absolute garbage tracks on Soundcloud will always bring a smile to my face.

If I was better at Photoshop, I'd consider doctoring a picture to make it look like Rex Tillerson is about to drop the hottest mixtape of all time. It'll feature tracks like "Trump Is a Fucking Moron," "Xxxon Mobile," "Boy Scouts or Bust," and "I Got 99 Problems (Global Warming Ain't One)."

Sometimes all you can do to stay sane is laugh, and I certainly did a lot of that today thanks to my own ignorance.