Insanely Chill Podcast

Cody Ko is a Vine star turned YouTuber/vlogger who creates some straight up hilarious content. His channel is mostly reaction & rant videos, but they don't feel as forced as a lot of the garbage you can come across on the vast wasteland of the internet. Probably because they're actually funny as fuck.

Here's a solid video–episode 1 of 1 in the "That's Gross!" series ft. Noel Miller:

I'm pretty confident that Cody Ko is the only dude-bro on the internet who has a genuine sense of humor. There are so many guys on the internet who you can tell think they're hilarious, but they spend too much time flexing and overcompensating for their fragile masculinity for any of their jokes to land successfully (see: every prank channel ever).

Cody Ko & co. come across as largely well-adjusted and self-aware, which is something that I find separates nonsense content from anything decent. It's similar to how great comedians will employ elements of self-deprecating humor to prevent them from looking like total sociopaths. To gain a sense of credibility and breakdown the douchebag facade, all it takes is a creator who is willing to poke as much fun at themselves as they do at everything around them.

Insanely Chill is Cody's podcast where he talks about everything from not training for a marathon to friend-group drama surrounding the cancellation of Taco Tuesday. He also regularly features his way cooler friends as guests on the weekend edition of the podcasts which, as us Chodesters would say, fucks.

A friend of mine recently had this to say about the current over-saturation of the podcast market:

And she's right. I could probably just strike up a conversation with any guy I'm friends with and get the same general experience of listening to Insanely Chill, but then that would require my participation in a social interaction and Lord knows I like to keep that to a minimum.

Insanely Chill is the only podcast I'll listen to regularly because it doesn't feel obnoxious or pretentious. I'm already an annoying hipster and I sometimes get too self-conscious of that fact if I find myself listening to some niche intellectual podcast sponsored by Squarespace. Cody is just an authentically funny dude with some recording equipment and entertaining stuff to say into it. The whole situation just feels *ahem* insanely chill.

If you're looking for a quality podcast that doesn't demand too much from you and is legitimately entertaining, definitely give Insanely Chill a listen.