If I could wear boots with every outfit I would do it. I wore the same pair of distressed, grey combat boots virtually every day for at least four years. I wore them out so aggressively that I actually repurchased the same exact pair when the zipper on my first pair burned out.

With my favorite season of fall upon us, I have a good reason to wear my favorite boots on a regular basis as the ground is getting squishier, the terrain is getting less predictable, and the weather is getting chillier. The three pairs of boots I've included in this post have seen me through just about any situation from waist-deep snowfall, to marshy fields after spring rain, to day-to-day wear and tear.

For wet weather and getting down and dirty:

I frickin' love these boots. They're easy to clean, keep your feet dry, and are a breeze to shove on your feet with any outfit. Ideal for rainy weather, I'd also love wearing these boots when the weather would be starting to warm up but there was still gnarly snow on the ground to keep my feet dry in the melty puddles. Rainboots from Hunter come in tons of great colors and several different heights making it easy for anyone to find a killer pair of great quality boots to fit their own sense of style. This is my fifth year wearing the same pair of these boots and I still have no complaints; they're simple, sleek, and get the job done!

For facing the elements every day:

Timberland's Velvet-Accent Premium Waterproof Boots

Timberland's Velvet-Accent Premium Waterproof Boots

While my beloved Timberland's seem to have been discontinued (RIP my Mosely Earthkeepers), these boots seemed similar enough to use for comparison, are available in my favorite burgundy shade, and have a more traditional Timberland silhouette. I bought a pair of Timberlands during my sophomore year of college when my second pair of combat boots finally met their maker and a cobbler informed me they were unsalvageable. They're ultra comfortable, durable, and look effortlessly chic in a classic neutral, autumnal burgundy. I wear the crap out of my Timberlands and they haven't let me down yet come rain, snow, mud, or icy sidewalks.

For when nuclear winter falls upon us:

These boots from Sorel feel like you have cats hugging your calves, aka my dream come true. When the weather is so cold that being outside for too long puts you at risk for getting frostbite, these boots are my ride or (literally) dies. While still super comfortable, these boots are a little bit heavy, but they're worth it for the warmth they provide. Even though they fit snugly around the calves, the stretchy laces with large fasteners make them easy to pull on and tie up for a cozy fit. Another perk of these boots is that the inner liner can be unbuckled and removed to be washed, or worn as slippers!

What boots do you love and find yourself reaching for every day? Let me know what my next footwear investment should be in the comments!