Music Monday: Awkwafina

Welcome to the first ever Music Monday on Stuff Julia Likes! Here I'll be talking about favorite artists, new releases, songs that make me nostalgic, and whatever the heck else seems relevant!

This week is all about comedian and rap artist...



While most recently reaching acclaim for her comedic and acting talents, New York native Nora Lum aka Awkwafina has been dropping iconic singles on YouTube for years.

You might recognize Awkwafina from MTV's Girl Code, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, or the upcoming Ocean's Eight film. Still not ringing a bell? Here's a video she made with Girl Code:

Still don't recognize her? Get to know Awkwafina in this interview with High Times:

Aside from her comedy and acting credentials, Awkwafina has a fire rap album called Yellow Ranger that features tracks like...

My Vag,

NYC Bitches,

and Yellow Ranger.

Awkwafina also has a crazy, hilarious talk and variety show called Tawk on go90. It's absolutely ridiculous, featuring everything from a septuagenarian DJ to a different low-budget filming location every episode. Check out her interview with Pete Davidson here:

I love Awkwafina because she is unapologetically herself in every aspect of her work. Musically, her beats are cool, gritty, and innovative. Her lyrics are clever, intricate, and totally unique. The perspective that Awkwafina brings to the rap game as an Asian-American woman raised in New York City is as refreshing as it is entertaining. Awkwafina's persona is entirely unclockable and her musical talent is undeniable.

Given her recent rise in the comedy world it's hard to tell if Awkwafina intends on continuing her music career. Based on the segments she includes in Tawk and that she's released with Girl Code, however, it's obvious that rapping will always be a part of her identity. At the end of the day, I'm excited to see more of Awkwafina in any capacity: on screen, on tracks, and otherwise.

Want to see more of Awkwafina? Check her out in the documentary Bad Rap that tracks the careers of several prominent Asian-American rappers.