Jerry Before Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld rarely tapes a comedy special. This makes today's release of his Netflix special, Jerry Before Seinfeld, a treat for us all.

Jerry Before Seinfeld is not your traditional stand up comedy special as it balances equal parts joke telling, audience Q&A, memoir, and advice for young comics. Unlike your average comedy special, Jerry Before Seinfeld frequently leaves the stage and provides insight on Seinfeld's early life, career, and experiences that brought him to the acclaim he receives today.

Seinfeld is the quintessential "what's the deal with airline food," classic observational comic, but he so perfectly nails the form that every punchline hits without fail. His iconic tonal quality allows for a seamless melody that rises and falls from joke to joke and embodies Seinfeld's famous delivery style. The sharpness of Seinfeld's wit is undeniable as he delivers jokes that are so relatable that it'll make you think "why didn't I come up with that?" Seinfeld's slanted perspective sheds a comedic light onto some of life's most common experiences. 

Seinfeld proves the timelessness of his characteristic observational comedy as he performs on the stage at the Comic Strip using the same jokes he tested out there to land him gigs on the Johnny Carson show. This retrospective special serves as more than just fodder for laughs, but also a nostalgic reflection on Seinfeld's long and illustrious career in the comedy industry.